Florida bodyboarding

hi. i started body boarding the first day i ever went to the beach, but this past christmas break, i used my christmas money and went the whole nine yards, fins, board, leash, and webs. i have always gone to stuart beach because it is the closest beach to my house, (a 15 minute drive) and i was just wondering if anyone knows any better body boarding spots, within about 50 miles of stuart. stuart beach is great, but there are so many surfers, and some of them don’t take kindly to bodyboarders. i just wanted a place where the surfers don’t mind bodyboarders, or where there are more bodyboarders than surfers. thanks alot for your help. Josh

Try Wabasso beach.

ok, thanks

terry is right , from what i hear the bodyboarders own wabasso, and they are not to shy to point that out to other surfers, its got a wave perfect for spongers,

Get a real board and stand up. It’s much, much more fun.

what do you mean by REAL board? a surfboard? i have one, and stand up on it regularly? i also ride prone on my sponge, or are you saying that the aforementioned experience of riding prone on a sponge is just a figment of my imagination?

Vilano beach - super hollow boogie wave - high tide- don’t break your neck when it sucks dry.

go sponge on the gulf! they both kinda resemble the same meaning to me…boring and meaning less most of the time. only time one should think of boogin is when the waves are not surefable, or surfboards broken, and in that case one should turn into bodysurfer. spongin down wet grasshills are fun though!! [smile]

Boogie riders always seem to be justifying their existence. Sad. Just ride a wave however you want and have fun.

nice idea - you should do the same, sounds like you need it.

I always need it. Sometimes I just can’t get it!