florida shapers?

Having gone from not even thinking about ever shaping a board to getting ready to move forward with my first (my change of heart due entirely from time spent on this site) I was wondering if anyone in either Palm Beach County or the Cocoa beach area would be willing to let me watch them shape a board or two. Thanks.


i graduate from college in 3 weeks, and will be going home to live in my parents’ house, eat my parents’ food, and shape surfboards in my parents’ back yard ALL DAY, EVERY DAY until i leave for grad school in the spring. i’d hardly consider myself a pro, but i have a reasonable knowledge of what i’m doing and i have a few projects in the works for the near future (3 longboards, 1 retro). if you’d like, i’d be happy to shape side-by-side. is boca raton too far?

Thanks Brandon - no Boca isn’t too far, I live in North Palm Beach. If you could let me know when you are going to do something - especially the retro - I’d be real happy to come down. My email is jeffrey_wallace@fpl.com



awesome…sounds like fun! i graduate in 3 weeks, and then i’ll need a week or two to set up my shaping area and get some supplies. and i’ve never done anything under 9’0" before, so it should be a new (and hopefully good) experience for both of us.

Hey Brandon - I think I saw in another post that you were heading over to the west coast this weekend. How was it? I am really coming unglued due to the lack of surf here.


The best way to get a handle on the process up close and personal is to order a custom from a local shaper and ask to hang out while he does it. I’ve found this to work when I first started out. Bring a few cold ones and you may learn more than you bargained for.

You might want to look into Steve Forstal (CODA surfboards) I think he and Chris Birch (Go Surf + Surfboards Hawaii) are in the Cocoa/ melbourne area…

i took saturday in Panama City and got it about chest high on the peaks with a solid waist high wall to play on. it lined up pretty well given the choppy conditions, and was a lot of fun. then, sunday, i headed east to jax pier and got some fun little thigh high longboard lines. it was small, but super clean and fun for anyone who gets their kicks hangin’ ten. i’ll be back down south by mid-August, so hopefully this tropical season will get kickin’…cuz we sure need it!