Flying to Indonesia with Longboards

Has anyone travelled to Indonesia from Aus with longboards, have found some cheap flights on lesser known carriers but fineprint reads that boards will be accepted based purely on space ?? what the hell, anyone had similar experiences or am I stressing for no reason.




I went from California and you didn’t say where in Indo you were going, so I will try to be a bit more specific as to what I know just in case you or someone else is going to where I have been.  (LOL what an intro…)  Anyway, the best airline for Indo is Singapore Air.  What you save in airfare is what you would pay to make sure your boards are where you want them when you want them.  The airline also treats even coach with first class service. (the combs/toothbrushes  in the bathroom are free and you can keep them! )  Bali, trip was cake, boards arrived perfect, even had a handler bring them to me in baggage.   Mentawai’s travel, I wouldn’t book anyone else. Indo Air didn’t want to mess with them (Singapore Air) so my boards made all the three transfers ok.   My boat trip went awesome, one Aussie I met didn’t have boards for half his trip, one guy had to borrow (good luck with that) and never got his boards, ever, ever…  they all flew someone else on the cheap.   So don’t be and ruin what could be the trip of a lifetime!!!  Just my 2 c…

I used Japan air to Bali, and they were awesome. You taking only lb’s? Some of those waves are way hollow.

I went years ago - two longboards - with Cathay Pacific and they were great. Have heard that lately not so much.

Japan Air usually gets good reviews, but I know my brother-in-law got stuck with an unexpected 350 USD fee leaving Tokyo. He flew in with no problems at all (single bag - two shortboards), but they were absolutely intransegent on his leaving with them without paying.


cheers guys ive just got to get to jakarta then massive drive from there, sounds like its a bit of a gamble called the airlines they said as long as I’m their hell early they will fit the boards on, theyre heavily glassed traditional logs so as long as they dont surf them on the tarmac they should be right snapping wise, just heard so many horror stories im paranoid ive having to bodysurf for a month hah yeww cheers

Jakarta is Indo Air, always.  They have a government monoply on air travel in Indo.  Don’t let the

boards out of your sight!  We put 3 bags with 3 lbs each on a bus to the hotel to make sure

we had them when we arrived in Indo!  You might be able to do better, this was our first time.  There were some

shady guys in the airport that wanted to put the lbs into storage until our flight, our hotel guy said that

was a scam and they would want money to get them out when our flight was due…  One of these days the

gov’t will realize how important foreign vacationers are to their economy and make this cake…

Just my 2c…  PS:  Props to plusone for all his help back in the day to make our trip the most memorable

one of my lifetime…