Foam and fiberglass glass on fins

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I’ve done what I consider a pretty lengthy search for suppliers of foam/fiberglass glasson fins and came up with zilch. I attached a pic of what I’m talking about. All I can find is solid glass with no foam. Thank you in advance for any leads.



Here is an example of the fins I’d like to find…

[img_assist|nid=1073937|title=Stussy Foam/Glass Fins|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=478|height=640]

Those fins were made in Laguna Canyon in the early 80’s by Lance Erickson and a good chance the g-rat cut them out.  They are high density Clark Foam, and 8 or 10 layers of six ounce.  The good old afternoons a band saw, a fan, and itch to go home with.  Stussy was the man back then, and pretty much still is.

Great bit of background. I’ve had many a Stussy and I always liked those foam fins. Are they pretty much a relic of the past and no one neither can or wants to make them anymore??

Thank you Ghetto!

Back before all the fin systems we called those foam insert fins. At Linden we made our own. I both made them and glassed them on. I can make you some. High- Density foam, Balsa, or Agave Cactus. Light.

Bring me some solid glass fins. The template you like. I can lighten them up for you.

Barry Snyder

ghettorat ,


do you recall the fin specs ?  they look kinda small for twins .

About a 5’’ base and 6’’ tall.  He had some pretty extreme cants on them too.  It definitely made the engaged fin attack, and and the lesser fin release.  His brother-in-law Mike Sharp used to kill 54 on them, as well as, Gothard, and Smerk.  Since Stussy has been shaping I have appreciated his lines, artistic approach and marketing.  His sister Holly Sharp had it going on too.

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that first double wing board is beautfiul barry, love resin beads 

I did some crude measurements and came up with the following…

[img_assist|nid=1073951|title=Stussy Twin|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=480|height=640]

























#1- Base = 4 3/4"

#2- Tip Height = 5"

#3- Trailing Edge Height = 4 1/2"

#4- Area between Base and Trailing Edge = 2"

This board is a 5’ 11 3/4" x 20 1/4" and the fins seem kinda on the small and on the “delicate” side.

Hope this helps.

BTW - The fint cant on this board is crazy.

Wow Barry! Them are some nice fins! Not to mention the sweet boards they’re attached to! The fins on the Stussy don’t seem like inserts? The seems like they were “on top” of some glass and foiled until the foam and glass were one continous curve. Does that make sense? 

The fins were hand cut out and foiled so there were a bit of variation.  Basically a thin sheet of high density Clark Foam with between 8-10 layers of 6 ounce on top.  Cut out then ground, and sanded.  I still make similar to these all the time for my boards except I use Rohacell instead of the Clark sheet foam for obvious reasons.  Bigger fins helped to prevent slide outs and wash outs, and drew longer lines.  

Ben Aipa did what you are talking about in the early 80’s on a quad fin gun I had. Thick glass inside foil and shaped foam outside then glass…would make foiling very easy…but if you goofed you’d have to start over with new foam.