foam blanks in san diego

can anyone recommend a good place to buy foam blanks in san diego? -just moved down here and trying to get my hands on some foam blanks for christmas gifts…thanks

mitch’s in la jolla and solana beach are both good for shaping supplies and real nice people. I also like WNC foam (EPS) and they sell resin research epoxies if you need them.


You can get US Blanks from Wind’N’Sea in Mission Beach and there is distributer for Ice9 blanks in Oceanside I believe.

thanks guys, appreciate it

Thanks for the mention CHarvey. We are stocking Ice Nine blanks in three locations in the San Diego area.

Ocean Beach Surf Shop

4881 Newport Ave.

Ocean Beach, CA 92107

Phone: 619-225-0674

Mitch’s Surf Shop

363 N. Highway 101

Solana Beach, CA 92075

Phone: 858-481-1354

The Surf Zone

1009 N. Coast Highway

Oceanside, CA 92054

Phone: 760-722-7295

You can give me a call anytime if you have questions.


Chris Reinhard


Ice Nine Foam Works

“Lets celebrate with a round of Chimay.”

Chimay you say? Great stuff.

Don’t mean to hijack.


I’d definitely go with Ice9…their product and service is astoundingly good.

I’m surprised at your just Foam experience.I had heard good things.

I CAN attest to Ice 9’s foam as I have been shaping it for well over the year. I would suggest the Walker “Mowses” formula for ease of shaping and weight to strength ratio. I shaped a rider a 6’6" HPS in the lighter weight…glassed it 4/4 deck and 4 oz bottom using the 1421 blend (Iso/Ortho) UV resin…in and out in two days. He took it to Bali for three weeks surfing head high to double overhead the entire time. The board came back with few or no deck dents. The clear sand only sealed finish was very light and very strong.

The stuff is a dream to shape.

Credentials? Shaped my first board in the mid 60’s.

The last ICE 9’s I got were really good. It seems that they have things under control.

US Blanks has Also improved a lot over the pass few months. The new Red Denisty is light and strong.

Now that we have in house glassing I get to hear the feed back from the glassers as to the adsorbtion rate of the resin.

Currently the US and the Ice 9 are yielding the best results. For turn around it seems that US Blanks has the fastest delivery service. I order on Mondays and have blanks with custom rockers by Wednesday. Better than pre-Clark days.

The rockers from Ice 9 are good as well.

So it looks like the PU foam companies that are left standing are US and ICE 9?

I don’t know if there are any others left? I never here from any of the others? There might be others?


blair has some of the best shaping best looking glassed blanks on the market. Glassed out very light ,strong, and white. there blanks cost far less than US and turnaround time has been with in a week for custom glue ups .

Once you have a good foam supply you can go crazy trying to work with 10 different companies?

When you go through a lot of foam it’s better to get the volume discount with one supply. If you buy from different

companies your unit cost go up. I’m glad their are others. It keeps them on their toes. I just haven’t seen

other companies out there? Blair aren’t they in the South Bay? Never seen it in Orange County?

There are more things to worry about than foam.


yah amen who wants a board that looks like a golf ball after one surf anyway