Foam Deck Pads

In my advancing years, I have started to bang my knee into the deck of my favorite longboard as I pop up, (Pop may be too optomistic a term). Consequently, I have beat the top of my deck in one particular area into submission causing it to delam. I was told that there is a very good chance that as I continue to beat on the fixed area it will just cause it to delam again. I was also told that if I use that ugly black foam on my beautiful clear longboard with a 1-1/4" balsa stringer and multi-wood tailblock, that it would protect it to some degree. I have never used that foam stuff and I shudder at the thought of anything but wax. However, if I have to resort to a foam deck pad, I would like to use the ribbed soft top stuff found on some skateboards. It seems durable and I can at least get a light blue or something I can try to live with. Any thoughts of how this would work? Also, does anyone know who makes this stuff? Thanks!

I had a nice reply from these people when i enquired about traction pads. They have a decent selection of products but ask about what you need. They can probably help you out.

why not preserve the dignity of your board and put some extra padding around your knee? has some knee pads by Gul Wetsuits. Kevlar over neoprene, Velcro Straps… Cheaper than all that foam.