Foam distribution

So I’m shaping a 9’6 60ish pig and have my rocker and middle thickness right where I want it. I was looking to go for a flat deck line on this board, and was running into a foam distribution problem.
I started off with a 10’3 blank, flipped the temple on the blank and pulled it back to move the apex towards the wide point. At this point my rocker apex is -9 and my wide point is -11.
I cut off all of what was originally the tail of the blank, which moved my apex back, but now I have too much foam in the back of the board.

Current thicknesses:
1 10/16 @ 12 from nose
3 1/4 @ middle
2 5/16 @ 12 from tail

My problem is if I thinned the nose and tail from the bottom the rocker would change, and if I took it from the top I am unable to get the flat deck I was looking to get.

Am I missing something or do I just need to foil the nose and tail from the top?

If I want to keep my middle thickness where it is, but have nose and tail at something around 1", am I going to have to foil out the deck from the middle towards each end?

Wait are your measurements that you want to hit (1") at nose and tail meaning at the actual tips or at 12" up? Where you listed your current measurements?

You got over an inch to take off the tail if you are shooting for 1" at 12" up.

I was looking to hit those number at 12 from each side.
I started grinding at it and currently the nose is 1 1/4 @ 12 and the tail is 1 1/2 @ 12.
I just started planing from widepoint/thickest out. Starting with a 0 cut to full cut. It’s smooth and hardly noticeable, but the idea of a hump offset 11 inches back seems weird when I think of it. That’s the general thought though right? From thickest point feather out to tips?

I think you can afford to lose a little in the middle also, no reason you have to be married to that 3 1/4 if it’s leaving you with a hump in the middle.

Also, rocker apex and wide point don’t have to correspond to the exact same spot.

These are the issues we wrestle with as shapers / surfboard designers - congratulations!

That’s why it’s best to use a blank with a rocker and foil close to what you want in the end. Working with an oversize blank can be the answer as it lets you position your template where it matches best but 10’3" for a finished length of 9’6" seems a lot oversize. No wonder you get a lot of thickness in the nose and tail. Working that thickness out from the bottom without modifying the rocker is close to impossible so I’m afraid your only option is to go at it from the top.

You kinda covered a lot of ground in those few sentences, and I’m not exactly sure what you said. You reversed the blank, then cut 9" off the nose (“what was originally the tail of the bank”)??? So the thickness issue should be in the nose of your shape, not the tail?

Could you post up some pics to give us a visual?

No, because you could step the deck. Lowel