Foam E-Z shaping room

     I just finished shaping a new stick for myself in the Foam E-Z shaping box. Room was set up pretty good and overall served its purpose quite well. It cost 40.00$ which i guess is fairly reasonable. The guys in the shop were way cool and did not hassle me or rush me out of the room. They have a vaccum set up for your planer and all the tools you would need(although I have my own gear) to bust out a new design for yourself.  It was a little warm once the sun broke through the haze but hey, a little sweat never hurt anyone! So if anyone in the HB or surrounding areas needs a room to shape in I would strongly suggest giving this a shot. Thanx Foam E-Z, you guys have been there since the beginning for me and it is greatly appreciated!! Peace

to brad and all over at ez,

happy father's day !

may you have many more.


Thanks for the props Ordinary!  We are always working hard to be sure our customers have a great experience and get what they need.  

Thanks Herb, and back ya.