Foam glue

Anyone tried the “LePage PL 300 Foam Insulation Adhesive” for gluing 2 sheets of foam together ? (

I already got that glue and need it to glue my two sheets of pink foam together, but I read a lot of people using Gorrila Glue. Was wondering if it will be ok, or if I better go buy Gorrila glue instead.


I alos bougth “Lepage 5-minutes Instant Epoxy” for gluing my stringer. Is that ok ?



you want to use a glue that will be easy for you to sand/shape through.

epoxies and some other types of adhesive will not meet either requirement.

if you create excessively hard spots in the foam you will either spend a shitload of time fairing and fixing or wind up with a board that has lots of bumps here and there.

Ok so the “LePage PL 300 Foam Insulation Adhesive” for gluing sheets will be OK (since they describe the product to be sandable), but the epoxy glue for stringer will be hard to shape.

I think I now have 2 choices for the stringer.

  1. Use epoxy glue for stringer, but be sure not tu put too much of it to avoid sanding it.

  2. Use another glue for stringer (I though Gorilla Glue)

I someone can suggest me a glue easy to sand to glue the stringer, and one that does not cause delamination, it will be appreciated



Few here have used that adhesive.  Try a test sample first, if you like how it shapes/sands, then go for it.

Caution:  You must really have your act together to glue up, and clamp straight, a perfect stringer in only 5 min!

But honestly, if possible:  Return the sheets & adhesives, then buy a blank.