Foam Stain looks streaky

Tried my hand at a foam stain last night and didn’t end up with the exact results I was looking for. Wondering if I did another coat if it would clean it up or any other tips for getting a more solid color? Or just leave it as a lesson learned.

Hi sir,

What kind of blank did you use ?  Was it EPS ?  In my opinion it looks like it was put on too thick ??  Again that’s just my guess.  

Way too thick.  You want to paint the foam with the resin like an airbrush, not put a shell on it.  We’re talking about a really small amount of resin.   You should still be able to see and feel the details of the texture in the foam and stringer. 


I think you’re going to have to sand that flat before you glass it.   Gently

Yes, was EPS foam. I ended up doing a resin tint which I probably should have just done in the first place and skipped the foam stain, live and learn. Anyway it turned out pretty decent., going to add a pin line around the lap on the deck. Just hot coated today. Board #7

I really. Don’t understand why you didn’t  just paint the blank red.   If consistency and evenness was what you desired;  a red spray job would have done the trick.

Mainly because I’m a newbie and didn’t know any better, also experimenting with different methods.