Foam Stain vs. AirBrushing

Ok, Im looking to do some solid coloured boards and been tossing up between doing foam stains versus airbrushing the blank.

Wondered how each would differ in result? ie, one will turn out more dull etc etc?

Also, I have two sheds , one for shaping/sanding and one for glassing … wondered where anyone would suggest the airbrush option would best be completed???

cheers legends


Resinhead told me once that for graphics to really ‘pop’ they need to be on top of the glass and not below it.

My profile pic is acrylic airbrushed on EPS but is not glassed. I should run some cloth and epoxy over it to see what happens. I imagine poly versus epoxy and how much cloth could have some impact on clarity too.

I would paint in the glassing shed and shape and sand in the other one.


Just hang painters plastic up on the walls to catch any over spray.  You need a cup gun, air hose and at least a 20 gal. Compressor to do what you call airbrush.  What you will really be doing is using an automotive cup gun to spray larger areas.  Totally different.  Foam staain can be applied by hand using sponges, rollers, rags and squeegees.