FoamEz closed?

Hi everyone!

I´m trying to contact FoamEz but I got no luck! I sent them 3 e-mails in these last 3 weeks but no answer.

I need to buy some tools. 

Does anyone know something?


Thanks, cheers!

You must be emailing the wrrong url.  try

Phone 714.896.8233

Good Luck should be easy to reach them.

You can also just buy the tools online from them and they will ship them out done it lots of times and always works well.


Hi Olaf,

We are defintely open and extremely busy!  Your email has been received and we just haven’t had a chance to get to it.  Unfortunately some international orders take a bit more work therefore they take more time to get back to the customer.  I will get this handled today and reply to your email right away.

Thanks for your patience-



Good news!!!

Thank you Brad, thank you lyle3 !!!



Foam EZ is the place to get all your board building needs. They run a tight ship. Great Japaneese spokeshaves and the best place to buy screen cloth!


Plus Grant works there.

I’ve been in FoamEZ a few times. Mostly the guy running the counter is very busy, as in a  one-man band operation when I saw it.

Foam E-Z is one of the best pure surfboard supply shops out there.  Brad is a busy guy, but can’t fault him for staying busy when most others are underwater.  He is always involved in a lot of extra curricular activities in the industry and an all around great guy.  One of the few supply shops that always has the product you need when you need it!  Rock on Brad and Grant!

Is there a way to close this thread?

I already could contact the guys of FoamEz, they shipped me the stuff I needed successfully, as always :).