Foamglas instead of foam?

Hi all, First time here, great place! I’ve shaped something like 25 boards as amateur in the early 90’s, used clark, extruded foams etc… Liked the cleanness of clark above all [smile] great memories, can’t wait to get a house with a garage wide enough to get it all resined again [smile]. Question: I ran across foamglas in my job ( architect) and wonder if anyone had ever tried shaping the thing. Basically its glass foam. Somehow they have manage to make a really strong thing. Downside its grey, but… Here is a few characteristics from the makers website: FOAMGLAS® insulation is a lightweight, rigid insulating material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells, each an insulating space. This all-glass, closed-cell structure provides an unmatched combination of physical properties ideal for building and mechanical applications above ground, as well as underground, indoors or outdoors, at operating temperatures from -450°F to +900°F (-268°C to +482°C): FOAMGLAS® insulation is: Resistant to water in both liquid and vapor forms Noncorrosive and will not support corrosion Noncombustible/nonabsorbent of combustible liquids Resistant to most industrial reagents Dimensionally stable under a variety of temperature and humidity conditions A material with superior compressive strength Resistant to vermin and microbes Fiber, CFC and HCFC free I have used the foamglass for insulating parking lots with 38ton trucks loads o them (foamglas just protected by small slabs of concrete with no ‘structural’ properties) and it does resists pretty well. Any one got an idea if it would be worth trying shaping one of those blanks? Thnx Nils / France Extremecarving Snowboards

I did a search on foamglas… have you checked all the properties of this material? at 70-138kg/m³ opposed to 25-35kg/m³ (extruded Polystyrol such as Styrodur or Roofmate) it seems to be a little heavy… cheers Marcus

I called the dealer in my area and they told me, “in the block form, if you drop it, it will SHATTER”. That’s enough for me!