Foiling Wood Fish Keels

Went to the 9mm discussion and does anyone know if I should just use a 9mm ply or two 1/4" and glue them together?? Any ideas on a proper foil? I’ve heard put the thick part roughly 1/3 from the leading edge of the keel. How about cant? Might just use stock Future’s for a foil reference…


Chip, where are you.

Presumably you’ve read the Paul Jensen stuff. Sheet of lexan, two sheets of ply sandwich. I just used a piece of 12mm ply and sanded the crap out of it, they were my first fins and turned out ok but being a novice have little to compare them with.

Jase (MMM)


Chip, where are you.

I’m here …now…

But Bert, Blakestah, or Halcyon would probably be the ones to ask , as their work [and Paul Jensen’s and John Cherry’s] is way better than mine.

Mine are thin …1/4" ply , probably. They thicken up with a layer or two of 5oz, plus filler [‘hot’] coat, plus gloss coat , though .

It’s a good question I guess, how much to foil and where , on the leading and trailing edges , and one I’m probably not really qualified to answer, as I have not seen many wood fish keels at all , except on this forum . [ In fact, I only saw my first ever wood keeled fish here about a month ago , believe it or not ! ]