follow your favourite shark on

this is no joke, some scientists want to raise the awareness for this endangered species. 

They implanted the sharks some tracking device, now you can follow their path through the ocean.

kinda interessing:

What’s strange is that they’ve been tagging sharks of the Farralons with radio transmitters for years and none of them show up on this. 


being a shark was cool 'cause it was stealth

now the big Brother shark netweb has taken

the invisible shield. Now the surveilance

in the shark niche is in place.

only the uncaught and released shark 

will remain stealth,maverics so to speak.

how are the findings of such observations

be affected ;are these sharks opperating

like sharks anymore now that they have

the fingerprint of man?Has the super-status

in the food chain of the shark been diminshed ?

The shark remains endangered

as they as a species have been touched

by the king midas effect of the intervention

of man.Some day we too will be All tagged

and clicking on an ap will divulge where

we are surfing ,fishing,eating lunch,talking

to girls… how deep is this well?

they used to talk about digging a hole

that goes all the way to china,the information

hole that is being dug for our benifit

will turn to our detriment in an eye blink.

my favorite shark is an old friend that

was reincarnated after the scattered his ashes at the bowl.


where’s harpo now

surfing niihau

I choose to hope…

all tagged in afrique and east us

haven’t tagged harpo yet…


the opportunity to fantasize 

 harpo whereabouts


but we can watch oprah

all day and night.


it’s pretty cool…we had 2 16’ great white females 

cruising around jax beach last month…

mary lee and genie…sweet ladies…

favorite shark? i hate 'em all!!!


favorite shark? i love 'em all!!!


until they bite off your arm…haha

If cooked right they are tasty .


What's strange is that they've been tagging sharks of the Farralons with radio transmitters for years and none of them show up on this. 



different study



are we ?

we are

pacific pelagics.

cool colored lines.


I like colored lines

we know where

oprah is.

oprah the shark that is…

east of cape town.

Shark Name:** Oprah

Species:** Carcharodon carcharias

Gender:** Female

Stage of Life:** Immature

Length:** 9ft 10in

Weight:** 686 lbs.

Tag Date:** 7 March 2012

Tag Location:** Mossel Bay