For a change of pace, my SECOND board

Well guys, here it is. After lurking here for a long time and shaping my first board in secret, i’m finally ready to post! My first board didn’t come out that hot. I just wanted to make it through the process and see what it took to do it right. This one I’m trying to get right.

First thing, the buckets are filled with sand. Not working that hot. They gradually get looser and looser while I’m shaping. I guess I’m going to have to go with cement.

This is also the first time I’ve used a planer. My initial plan was to use it to skin the blank but DAMN! It’s sooo much easier to keep every thing even I just kept going and did the rails to. Worked great!! So much better than a sureform.

second try at the pics

Great to see a novice shaper make the jump to the planer. I hope all us old farts on here preaching about planer use had something to do with it.

Board looks clean and functional, congratulations

Thanks Mike

I was nervous at first but after seeing the results, it got easier and easier as my confidence built up. I wouldn’t have even tried if it hadn’t been for the encouragement from you guys. Big thanks to all the guys on swaylocks!

The kicker was when i asked a local shaper about the benefits of a skil 100/ clark planer over my cheap ass Chicago electric. He responded with a confused look on his face “Dude, your just mowing foam.” Every time I got a little sketched out I would say “Dude, your just mowing foam.”

I should start the glassing tomorrow. I’m going for a dark green resin with cut laps. Maybe a deck patch and one for the fins. Not sure. First I have to settle on a logo.

I’m finally done. My girlfriend is happier than I am. She gets to park in the garage again.

This whole thing has given my a WHOLE new level of respect for the guys who can lay down those beautiful tint and gloss jobs. It’s by far the hardest part of shaping a master piece IMHO. I didn’t even come close to getting the color even

Anyway, It’s 6’ 2" X 15 3/4"N X 20 3/4"M X 15 5/8"T X 2 7/16" . Glassed on fins. I’ve only surfed it once in thigh high wind chop but It was fast and drivey. I wish it were an 1/8th thicker but I didn’t have a choice after dinging my blank with a 2X4.


Nice shape and the glass job looks great from here.

Looks like a fun board. I like green tints,too. Mike

PHKook- Cut laps on your second board!? Very ballsey… but it looks great. Is it safe to say you drank the coolaid?

Yeah, absolutely. Can make or (as a novice) break it.
Looks good though. No major problems and it’s ready to get in the water!
For a second board you can’t ask for more…

Thanks yankee, thank goodness they came out striaght or I would have to try pinstriping for the first time!! And yep, I drank the swaysaid!

I think the next board will yellow. I’ve heard its more forgiving.

I have photo shop cs4. ;-). All kidding aside I appreciate it.

A “Ctrl+Z” funtion for glassing would be great!