for Wildy at fun city .....

okay …

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And Greg’s question contained therein “come on Ben , have you RIDDEN that yet ??”

Well Greg [and also Mr. Thraillkill !]

you ‘might’ be pleased to know … NOW I HAVE !!

I FINALLY got to trial the inline single fin setup in my lil 5’8 “bushfire fish” today .

I caught 10 waves .

7 lefts and 3 rights [including one launching Pas saw , and one almost fin slice to 'Lav’s head on one righthander !] …I noticed on that wave I got launched on , that the inline setup flies through the air just as nicely as the board does with just ONE fin on it …

I rode it with THIS setup [why I included you in brackets , Bill !] …

cheers ,



Don’t keep us in suspense, how did the setup FEEL in use? Smoother? More speed coming out of turns? More speed during the entry into the turn? Tell all.

…I prefer 2 7/8 between both…

and with the stabilizer behind

okay ,

thanks for asking , Bill ! [I thought you might !]I think reverb might be on it .

So far , my first impressions were

[1.] [pas said it…] “…you need more board , ben !” hehe I need stronger paddling , and deeper positioning …no shoulder hopping on this short wide thick a board …

  1. wide fish tail ,

  2. I spun it out on one forehand bottom turn . I’d probably prefer to try this setup out on my pintails , actually …either the 6’4 , or the 7’er …

  3. needed to crouch more [to avoid that spinout happening]

  4. I think the big fin may have been overpowering the little fin

  5. …it felt like my single fin normally does ?

  6. I might put in a smaller back fin , or larger front fin , or go with my original setup, similar to what reverb mentioned.

  7. two fins similar in size will be something I want to try , too…

  8. more testing needed

  9. to be continued …

cheers !


Hey Ben,

Finally you got it out there, goodonyamate!!!

Interesting what you say about the spinout factor. I’d put it down to your wide tail, a typical single problem, and my take on the small fin forward is that it’s just an exagerated single.

Try it with the small fin at the back, it will be a totally different animal, and it’s an animal you can tame, with the right size back fin.

Keep at it and keep us informed.

…Chipfish, like I told you before (in other thread), I used to use this inline (stabilizer behind) for 3 years or more…and IS better than a thruster for beachbreaks toobs…

Try one in front and one behind at the same time…tri-inline…

thanks for the feedback guys .

yeah hicksy , I actually had the same thought which I said to pas , paddling back out after my spinout bottom turn .

But it’s even more tail heavy like that , than as a quad setup , believe it or not ?!

I think the smaller trailing fin , distance between the fins , and a slightly bigger trailing fin , and slightly smaller front fin , will be the setups I will explore next…

[but we’ve got 6 more days of pus onshores and no banks to survive before THAT will happen again , unfortunately ]

And I kinda need to get a tooth removed sometime son …this abcess ain’t getting any smaller or less painful , THAT’S for sure . I just realised today that the pain has been slowing me down a bit for the last three weeks or so .

But I look forward to hopefully playing around some more with inline setups [but probably in my longer pin tails] sometime in the hopefully near future…



Make a copy of the setup I sent you the photocopies of, you will have a very different experience.

…Chipfish, is like Bill said

…for a thruster shape . shortboard like 6 3 with a tail of 13´´ and a lot of tail rocker, use a 6 3/8 fin and 3 5/8 stabilizer. Both with a bit more vertical cord.

and put the larger at 12´´ and the stab 2 7/8 behind

with these stuff you ll not have any spinouts in beachbreaks toobs…I can remember some spinouts in pointbreaks with large drops and big bottom turns (but I didnt had a box…)