for you/us tool junkies

why not toss up your go to source for tools and such.

This is my favorite tool provider.  Brand name reconditoined tools for great prices, excellent selection, prompt delivery, no hassle exchange warranties.,default,sc.html

Good stuff.

A toy store for big boys.


Just bought a Delta Contractors table saw with accessories for $150 from a retiring contractor who was headed for warmer climes.  Sometimes Craigslist and the local paper can be OK.  Othewise I buy new .  Except for the occasional Skil off of Ebay.  I have been lucky with those.  Most everything I own was bought at Home Depot or Lowes.  Although I have a hitachi and a Milwaukee bought from Fiberglass Hawaii years ago.  Once in awhile I buy a sander thru Amazon.  I was gonna buy a reconditioned Milwaukee from Pete, but let Steve Albin have it.  He needed more than me.  I trust anything Pete has reconditioned.  Lowel.

Yeah, Pete is a great guy.

Helped me as well.



**Pete is the Skil 100 and all around surfboard planer Guru.**