Forcefield Prone Paddleboard/Rescue Board Finish Material

I am refurbing an old Forcefield prone paddle board (lifeguard competition board). I believe the core construction is EPS/Epoxy, but I am not certain of the outer finish. I thought it was a pigmented epoxy, but after doing some testing with Polyester resin, I think it might be some kind of painted finish.

I completed the ding repairs with some old epoxy resin and glass I had on hand with no issues. I also performed a couple of superficial ding repairs with poly, mostly with no issues, but in few areas the red exterior finish had been compromised, the red finish softened, became unadhered, and curled a bit. It was very minor, but noticeable enough that when I regloss the whole board, I do not want this to happen.

Anyone familiar with the exterior finish on these old Forcefield boards? The epoxy did not seem to cause any of this curling.

All the blems you see in the photos are NOT damage from the Polyester resin, they were old blisters that resulted from years of abuse and mechanical seperation from who knows what else. I peeled and sanded them away. This is the reason i want to do a new gloss on the entire board. Was going to use Poly resin, but I may have to go the Epoxy route.

Any info would be appreciated.

Hello, from the description and general build methods for larger EPS water stuff, it sounds like the solvents in the polyester resin are eating at the solvent-based red paint on the board. I would not continue with polyester resin on this one.

Fill and repair everything with Epoxy and filler. Even the one part body filler would be good on this one for pin holes etc. Make sure it’s watertight, sand it, fair it. Prime with a high solids auto primer. Sand primer with 400. Paint with an automotive enamel or an auto paint and clear coat. Unless you have no confidence in you ability to repair dings, there is absolutely no need to re-glass. The finish on this board is very much the same as Surftech or Boardworks. EPS core-- Epoxy glass job-- prime and paint with clear coat.

Thank you for the advice. I was thinking about possibly painting with an enamel or plastic type pain and then clear coating, pretty much as you have suggested… I have fixed all the dings and the board is watertight.

With all the information I have received here I have been contemplating the painting and clear coating method, as you suggest, or doing a pigmented epoxy gloss coat. I think the painting option might give me a lighter resulting product, but the epoxy finish might be more durable, and not flake off like the last finish has.

What do you think?

just fixed this one with major damage. got water tight. original color pink, rattle can camouflage to hide repairs and clear gloss urethane x 6 coats finish. 1000 grit foam pad finish sanding. 12’6"x29" x 5 3/4" -

Nice job. Never would have thought of using a urethane finish on this type of construction.