Forgive me for this question:)

Hey Guys, i know it has nothing to do with surfboards:) But is it possible to shape a Body Board from normal Surfboard-Materials? Like EPS/XPS+resin+…

A friend of mine wants to have a board for his next trip!


Hope somebody can help me!



Yes most definitely.That is to say , havn’t , but people do .

Search for a thread called ’ Custom Bellyboard Pt II ’ …  ( also pts  I   , III , and IV ) - the original pics have gone but you’ll get the idea.

yup - check out a few examples in the photo resource section…

the boards are sweet;)

May be somebody could give me an advice! Is it shape an EPS Board with stringer?

I wanted to shape a board with an 6 OZ layer deck and a 6 OZ layer bottom!

A rocker holder (the stringer), is not necessary, especally for a board that short.  It would offer no benefit that I can think of, other than cosmetics, and as an aid to making a symetrical outline.  It will only complicate construction.


Hey Chris, how are things progressing on the “thing”?

You got your outline?

Can’t wait to see the result


What happens when your solid boogieboard hits you in the head?  I hope you’ve got Dental cover…

Hey Christoph...

A friend of mine busted his ankle a while ago, and rather than spend an interminably long time out of the water, he built himself a bodyboard in normal surfboard construction...

I never rode it, because I have all the usual prejudices, but he raves about it, telling me to open my mind...(I'm trying dammit!)

...and his one bodyboard soon became a quiver of the most spacey little sleds. (Ok,

There certainly would'nt be a reason why you could'nt build a body board in EPS/Epoxy.



Hey Marsh,


This is a good question for my testrider Smallwaves.

And now my question, what happens when a surfboard hits your head?

Or do you hold it tight? Or wear a HELMET?

I know what happened to me when a branch from a tree hit my head 6 months ago.

One month ago I was hoping to be able to bodyboard instead of surfing.

No need for equilibrium that kept failing.

But it was good to surf last monday again one week after surgery.

No more questions about that for me.

And to everybody out there:



Enjoy, Soul


What happens when your solid boogieboard hits you in the head?  


Hmmmm, i guess the same thing as when a surfboard hits your head. A helmet might not be nessecary, but you have to hold on very tight or bail early. Most of the plywood paipo boards i ride are WAY heavier, so i ride 'm wthout a leash mostly (i surf on pretty uncrowded spots so there's no danger for others). I do wear a helmet sometimes (a bright yellow one) but that is mostly to make my bobbing head visible for the speeding kite and windsurfers.

The boards Soulandpower shaped me go insane! Look for soulnpower in the resources!







I just thought because your lying prone your closer to the board when you wipe out.  I’m sure they’d be fast…

6 feet height first gives you a good speed on impact,

So just be carefull in what you do.


I just thought because your lying prone your closer to the board when you wipe out.  I'm sure they'd be fast...



that's true! It worried me for a bit as wel so i got the helmet, but since the waves i surf mostly are small, i never had terrible wipeouts. It's a different story ofcourse in big powerfull waves lik, say, hawaii otr australia.





Hi Soul,,,and Speed....

No i have to start this week, because my second surfboard-shape was more important;) But week i will start def....;):) me your pics;)

Did you find this one in the archives?

The man looks realy happy isn’t it?

Hi, have a look/read of