forgot a leash

howsit all? my one and only board broke 2 days ago so I have been in a hurry to finish my next one/first one. All has gone good and it’s glossed now. One problem I forgot a leash cup, loop, hole… I don’t want to use a cup but I will if that is the only option, any suggestions would help alot. thanks for any suggestions.

what’s the board???

if it’s got a fin box, i like to drill it. just do a search for “leash drill box” and you’ll find plenty of info in the archives.

or you could do a glass leash loop. there was a recent thread on this. it also keeps that nice clean look.

i HATE leash cups…NEVER use 'em.

thanks soulstice, if I go through the box at this late in the game should I drill fill and gloss over the area again or not worry about it I’m just concerned about water and foam…

instructions are all in the archives…once the board is hotcoated, drill the box, fill with resin, then drill a smaller hole through the cured resin…thread your loop through it, tie a knot at the end, and go surf.

You’re other option is for a stick on leash plug. they stick onto the board using an adhesive and reqiure no drilling / glassing.

As a disclaimer though, I’ve not used one but have heard of people clianing they’ve never had a problem. You can get them from O’Fish’L. Check their website on and ring them for details on where to get them.


i’ve heard mixed things about the o’fish’l stick ons, but i have the SurfCo Hawaii stick-on on one of my boards and it’s great…that thing is NEVER comin’ off (unless i want it to). definitely a good option if you don’t want to drill.

you could try…surfing w/o a leash. i don’t know, I’ve heard people used to do that??

i always go no leash if it’s under head high…that doesn’t mean i don’t want a loop back there to strap on a leg rope when i feel the need.

Yup I did the same thing. Too much in a hurry I guess. I used one of the surfco. hawaii stick on leash plugs and it works great.

I use those on all the boards that I want leash plugs on…They work great, I’ve never had one so much as budge. Plus they’re clear.