Forgot Additive F in Hotcoat - What next?

So I hotcoated the deck earlier today and was wondering why it felt kind of “sticky” after it cured.  I knew it cured because it wasn’t gummy at all so I flipped the board over to hotcoat the bottom.  I was also wondering why the deck was a little lumpy too.  As I prepared the hotcoat for the bottom, I noticed my little measuring cup already had Add F and that’s when I realized I forgot to add it to my deck hotcoat.  Now what?  Do I sand the deck with some lower grit (50? or 60?) sand paper and then redo the hotcoat?  Thanks for the help!

Additive F makes the hot coat flow out better and it also improves the sandability of the surface.  You should be able to sand with 80 grit.  If the hot coat is actually sticky you might have missed the mix ratio on that batch.  Check and see if you can dent the coating with your finger nail.  Maybe give it a day or so to cure before sanding.   

I haven’t used additive F in years.  It’s got nothing to do with sticky.  Do what Dave said, let it sit and cure. You said you hot coated the deck earlier today…it’s epoxy…let it cure.

Enjoy the process…it’s not a sprint.

I recently quit using add f as well. My hot coats are so much nicer without it. Listen to resinhead.

Thanks for the responses.  Resin has cured.  I tried denting and it’s hard.  I guess I should clarify…it’s not “sticky,” just not nearly as smooth as the resin with Additive F.  I’ll go ahead and sand and see how it turns out.  My sanding skills still need some improvement but I guess this is good practice.  If I mess it up, I can just do another hotcoat.