Forstall / CODA EPS Blanks

Aloha, I have been talking with Steve lately and he has been putting together another warehouse for his boards and BLANKS … I talked with him today and found out that it was just finished yesterday. Said he doesen’t get to rest at all cause of this. It’s on the other side of G. Loehrs Shop in Melbourne … Now Steve has a warehouse on either side of him … Blanks on both sides and RR Epoxy in the middle … One stop shopping eh? Forstall allready supplies blanks for a lot of local shapers but now I suppose there will be more demand?? Seem to think he has plenty of good EPS Foam so you might give him a try …

ok whats the number for him or email, what density and what price.

Those look very, very interesting. I’ve had a lot of experience building poly boards but due to recent developments in the industry I am very interested in trying your product. I may be overlooking another resource here but for the sake of making things easy, could you please post contact information for ordering purposes? Thankyou.

i’ve been meaning to contact steve about getting a blank for a 9’0" with the wedge stringer… i guess i’ll maybe just move that board up a few rungs on the “waiting to be made” list, as i’ve only got one PU blank left

Funny (not really), that this image of EPS is what we see when the ENTIRE industry is in need!

Just an observation…

Edit: imagine people jused to Clark blanks looking at these rectangles and wondering “this is a blank…?”

Yeah its a BLANK blank not a surfboard with a crust that needs to be scraped off.

With EPS choose your shaper with care!!!

but Never had to spackle a Clark blank. I hear the price of spackle just went up from $2.50 to $25.00 in one day…Ha ha ha hahahahahah

those suckers are just as easy to shape if not easier.

Ive heard of guys having the blanks so close tolerance they cut an outline, and round the rails.

so whats the number to this guy and what are we looking at for prices.

Turbohog, lets drive over there tomorrow, if it quits raining.

Steve Forstall’s e-mail is and his phone is 321-698-7342. I love his boards!

i would be down for that but i have to take my car into the shop to get new brakes and i have finals next week anyways. i would be down for something like that next week though.

and all you other floridians out there i posted something in “hook up” but no one has responded yet. so heres what i suggest a field trip to go see forstall and a surf afterwards. we all need new blanks and after a stressful week we could use a surf.

my last exam is December 21…i’m down for a little road trippin’

i might try and start another thread about it in the discussion. people dont really look at the hookup page enough to see that thread.

hopefully it wont get moved.

i think that we should aim for something like the 27th 28th or 29. or maybe after the new year.