Foss Foam

I recently learned that Foss Foam is alive and well in Florida building high performace foam/fiberglass rudders for sailboats.  Turns out they are only 15 min from my house.  Upon visiting the factory I learned that after Clark closed down production, Foss Foam tried to blow blanks.  Unfortunately, they could not get an acceptable product.  Wish I could have observed the process.  Apparently, Steve Walden was participating in the process.  The owner showed me a Walden board that was used to make a mold.  He wants me to fix it up, put in a fin box so his grandkids can use it.  The deck is pristine, but the bottom has some issues.  6’9", 19.5 nose, 18 tail, 23 wide, 3.25 thick, 5.75 nose rocker, and 1.5 tail rocker.

I have heard the Foss name before, sailboat rudders as mentioned.

Maybe a full bottom cutlapped patch, taped off to follow the deck cutlap? White resin?

Might need to really clean it and/or sand it if had any kind of mold release on it.

Interesting.  I have mentioned it before, but I bought two Rogers Foam blanks in about 71 or 72.  Foss had the occasional add in Surfing Mag. During that time frame.  The Rogers blanks were good foam.

My recollections go back to mid-60s. I will try to dig out some old adds. 

From Surfing 1964 no.5 and 6.