Freak out

I haven’t posted in quite a while and I’m just finishing up the only board I’m going to build this year. Here’s my story…

We’re going to the beach for a two week family vacation starting Tuesday night [30 hours from now]. Been very, very busy with work, life, and other miscellaneous fodder for the past year. But a slight window of opportunity opened up for me last Thursday evening. So I decided to throw a board together. I guess the stars aligned for me because I had just enough materials laying around to do a board.

I shaped Thursday night and Friday morning. I laminated Friday afternoon. I hot coated Saturday morning and installed fin boxes Saturday afternoon. I sanded Sunday morning and gloss coated it Sunday afternoon.

Well, the wife and I had a babysitter for Sunday evening [last night] so we went shopping for some piece of furniture she was looking for and then went to a nice Chinesse dinner. I ordered some seafood dish which was in a spicy red sauce; which was quite good, by the way. Part way through dinner I looked down at my spicy red sauce and saw that it was forming skin as it cooled down. Then I freaked out:

“Oh my god. It’s beginning to kick!”

I snapped out of this PTSD event almost immediately. I guess I’ve been spending way too much time around resin recently :slight_smile:

*** BTW, catalyst works fine after spending a year in a very hot [100 deg F] and very cold [0 deg F], unheated, uncooled garage.

good one :smiley:

im glad it wasnt…

spicey white sauce