FREAKY..... my mate attacked by a shark

I just got off the phone to my mate Brad .

He was wondering where I was today …the one day this week I haven’t surfed .

At 11am this morning , while waiting for a set , a 4’ bronze whaler shark came at him .

He was able to hit it in the head , and it left .

He was sitting EXACTLY where I was surfing yesterday at 10am …


Was it a single fin or double fin whaler?

Ben: I think if you had been there your wetsuit would have frightened it away!

Don’t mind me, I 'm just jealous that you’re surfing and I’m not. My wife called me a little while ago to remind me about the wedding and then some surprise party that we are going to tomorrow. I felt like jumping out of the window of my office.

It would really be helpful to all of us if he could send some photos of the shark please.

And could you post some more dimensions,too, please. Width, thickness,nose rocker, number of teeth. Mike

were the fins single or double foiled?

I’m really interested in profile shots (like the one in “Is it me?” thread)

How do you think it would have swam with a different fin setup? …I love the bronze aussie theme artwork.


are you guys all taking the piss ?!!

WOW …that’s GREAT to see !!! …

my 50,897, 328 posts have not been in vain , then …Aussie and Kiwi and British humour is finally catching on … hooray !!!


…poor Brad , meanwhile , is lying in a corner naked in the foetal tuck position , crying out for his mummy , and wondering why aliens sent a shark to harass him

[kidding , ok ?]

That’s really funny guys.

Geez Ben , you’ve tought them well…but do we really need 300 million Aussies?

Righto , who took my shark suit.

The note next to the phone said thursday at ten, not friday at eleven.

What we have here is a complete lack of comunication.

did any of you fellow Aussies happen to see the Channel 2 news last night ?

…they interviewed Brad .

He was also apparently in yesterday’s paper , and may well be in The Sunday Times here today , as they sent a photographer around yesterday …

off to the ‘deli’ [milk bar for you guys] to buy the paper now …


I faced off with a 5’ black tip reef shark in Bahamas once, while spearfishing, I did a reenactment of Jesus walking on water, more like running actually, the shmuck wanted the grouper I had just nailed, the nerve of him!!! No manners!


my mate the shark attack survivor …

That’s pretty awesome,

Here in San Diego my friends and I jump on the back of lepopard sharks (4-6 feet) and take them for a little ride. They don’t bight, well rarely any ways. They try to though. On A related note, today I went spearfishing over by Cardiff and when coming in, I stepped on a shark!!! It whacked me on my leg pretty hard and then its tail flopped out of the water, judging by the size of the tail the shark must have been 5 feet or so…I think it was fallowing my peepee trail…or my blood soaked divebag…haha



Back around '82, guy renting a room at my house had about an 11’er chomp his board while he was sitting on it right between his thigh and his left arm.

Knocked 275lbs Dave about clear out of the water.

I was 4’ to his left, so the shark came up between us.

Pepito and Mike sat directly across from us, in a semi circle, so they had the best view.

Dave’s 8’6" lightblue G&S sat at some surfshop (one on BalboaSt.) for over 10 years, until the shop changed hands.

Chomp mark was what McCosker and buds used to figure out size of shark… BobMcCosker of the Steinhart Aquarium in SF.

luckily he didn’t live up to his name !!

["what do you call a guy found floating face down dead in a swimming pool ? " “Bob”]

Tomorrow I’m taking my vintage Fiat to an Italian festival in Santa Rosa, California. Last year at this event, my friend’s cell phone rings with the news that his good buddy (who I’ve met) was just attacked by a shark out at a fairly remote beach north of San Francisco near Point Reyes. He was out alone at about 10am and got hit in the leg. He managed to get to shore, use his leash to stop blood flow, and thankfully his cell phone (which he almost never carries with him!) actually was able to dial out and he got picked up by a helicopter. You might have seen him in Surfing mag in a “how to survive a shark attack” piece earlier this year. He was very lucky. If the cell phone hadn’t made a connection, he could have very easily bled out on the beach. It is very remote up there (at least 20 minute drive from any real road - thus the helicopter rescue) and probably no one would have found him in time.

Needless to say, I don’t surf alone up here.

To give you international guys some idea of what it’s like up here with sharks, take a look at this page. You’ll see plenty of reports from Linda Mar (1/4 mile from my house), Rockaway, and Ocean Beach. Basically the three places I surf regularly!

16 attacks documented in California the last five years, two fatal.

You must mean this guy… famous for, among other things, the underwater views of what a surfer paddling a board looks like to a shark.

16 attacks documented in California the last five years, two fatal.

compared with , in west australia ,

"25 shark attacks in W.A. waters in the past five years -

three of them fatal "

which is weird …okay , we have a HUGE coastline here , much of it facing the HUUUGE sharks of the southern ocean . But yet , I would assume CONSIDERABLY less surfers than in California [as , for example , Perth the capital has a population of one million people …and luckily not all of them surf !!]


I reckon that Chip is having the last laugh, it has to be a windup. That picture of Brad, I mean, did you ever see an real Auzzie wearing a plad shirt with the sleeves still attached.