Fred and Aurélie win the tandem final at the Noosa Surf Festival.

Not too many frenchies ever win a final abroad, so this tandem win by Aurélie and Fred means quite something. Especially since Fred is the guy that I shaped this SUP for:

Unfortunately, i didn’t shape their tandem board… But I feel very happy for them nevertheless. Keep up the good work, guy and girl!


Hey Balsa

I met Fred and Aurelie over the week at Noosa they are great ambassadors for your country, really nice people.

We had some unbelievable surf over the last ten days and some of the hottest longboarding ever seen , I’m sure photo evidence will filter out.

French tandem couples have been dominating at Noosa for a few years now , Rico Leroy and his partners have won the contest and a lot of friends over the years.



There’s a video on Nalu association’s website. Check it out if you like: