Free 3D printing models for shaping

Ahoy Swaylockers !

Just a little post to reference the 3D models I designed, they are ALL available for FREE on CULTS with the code “SWAYLOCKS” (or if you wanna gift me a dollar it is also possible :moneybag:)

My vacuum hose inside diameter is 34mm, all the models are adapted to that, I can modify the files to suit yours if it is different :slight_smile:

Skil 100 planer vacuum port Ver. 2 :

Hitachi planer vacuum port Ver. 2 :

Makita KP0800 vacuum port Ver. 1 :

Fast planner/vacuum attachment :

Knobs for the hitachi modification :
Coming soon, maybe with a little tutorial for the clark foam style on the fly modification

Please give me some feedback (positive or negative) it always helps improving the designs :grinning:

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Hey wow , you already did what I was up to!
Thanks for sharing!

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