free lap problems

after laminating the bottom of my board and cleaning up the lap i laminated the deck. Aparently i didnt clean up the first lap good enough because there is an obviouse bump that can be seen and felt most of the way around the deck How can I fix this? Also there seems to be parts of my lam that are undersaturated any tips to fix this too? Thank you guys sooo much you are so helpful.

For the undersaturated parts, you can ruff up the area with a razor blade and then work some resin into the area or just let the hot coat fill it in. After you hot coat, sanding will take care of the bumps.

Soulslider, One method that I’ve found for dealing with undersaturated areas is to cut and rough up the area with a razor blade, making sure that there is access for new liquid to penetrate. Then brush styrene over the area (it will soak in to tiny cavities) then get some catalyzed resin on it right away before the styrene dries out. Doug

3 steps, 1. blend, use acetone and a coarse red 5 inch sanding disk, quarter the disk, put all 4 and the acetone into a small tupperwareish bowl and just sand the laps the will blend nicely as the acetone seemingly melts them, this will also get rid of lap-lines. 2. bast brush a small amount of laminating resin overlapping the lap and the exposed foam. 3. double check for highspots then glasxs the top as normal

Brush your rails out. Do this after picking open as many voids as you can (as mentioned above). “Brushing your rails out” is mixing a batch of Lam resin and applying it on the rails, all the way around the board maybe about 3" wide or so. After this “cheater” gells, THEN hotcoat the deck as per normal with an emphasis on extra resin on the rail area. You should have enough build up to protect the rail lumps from showing weave during sanding. IF it is STILL sanding through severely, STOP; use a ScotchBrite pad to rough all the shiny/rail areas and Brush out the rails again, this time with hotcoat resin. All this protective build up is a hassle, heavy, and just not fun- Do your lap prep to an extreme on future boards- It’s like doing a good bottom turn: it sets you up for the rest of the wave. Good Luck.