Free Ride third edition?

There was a surfmovie thread some time ago about this 1977 classic. The third edition is supposed to contain some great footage of Cheyne Horan. The only place I’ve found the movie was on, but this is not the third edition with Cheyne and they are also currently out of stock.

Solosurfer mentioned something about in oz, also checked this website out but no luck. Any info on the third edition or other movies containing footage of Chenye Horan would be appreciated.

Cheers, Sami

Good movies with cheyne: Scream in blue (available through Cheyne himself), Follow the sun, Ocean fever, Surfers the movie, Nuclear NRG (the biggest badest freight train tube surfing alone at haliewa you will see. this is simply bad) Hot surf, and I think Fluid combustion and blazing boards. I have seen the third edition on bootleg. That footage is timeless. Also, there is a film on the 84 op pro where Cheyne should have got first through espn. Really nice carving.

This is the footage. And yes it’s much better than the original film. I’ve been trying to track it down myself, even spoke to Jack McCoy about it.

What a coincidence, yesterday i was talking with a friend about the same. I own Scream In Blue and i would love to have the Free Ride you’re talkig about, but i thought it was Free Ride 2.

So there’s a Free Ride 2 and a Free Ride 3?

I would love a copy in any condition!, any advice?



Hola Coque!

Where did you get hold of your copy of scream in blue? Tried to check out cheyne’s website but it was temporarily down.

Perhaps someone out there has his email?

Thanks. Sami

scream in blue… good footage of Cheyne.

But I felt it was let down by the embarassing non-surfing friends , and your contest defeats at the time . Maybe a film with your current focus would be better…

I’d like a copy of Scream in blue with just the SURFING in it (without ‘kerry and the boys’) …THEN, it would have been a good movie !

Cheyne , if you’re still lurking here, will you ever put out a modern movie of what you are doing NOW …the tow-ins in massive waves , the surfing at home , winged keel , nugget [and lazor zap??] footage from now …that would be something I’d really like to see !

cheers !


Sami, i got Scream In Blue through Cheyne, contacting him via email i bought from him “Scream In Blue”, “Learn 2 Surf” (my girl will love it), a couple of Tshirts and some Star fins.

Cheyne has his email on his site (i don’t know why it isn’t working today), his email is:

I think he’s really busy this days but have some patience and he’ll write you back for sure.

By the way, let us know if you find the way to find Free Ride 2 or 3!


Don’t forget the classical “Storm Riders”, by McCoy. Great 70’-80’s, I miss them a lot…

Thanx for the help guys! I will let you know how things progress.

Cheers. Sami


Scream was definitely a period day in the life piece. It took some guts on Cheyne’s part to chronicle his being down in the ratings. I think it showed the circuit for what it was. A popularity contest.