Free Rovings

So I have about 40 lbs of fiberglass rovings I am planning on using about 20lbs (not surfboard construction) If anyone wants some I will give some to you for the cost of the shipping. I will probably be able to send this stuff out at the end of April. Let me know if anyone is interested or wants more info.

I’d definitley take about 100’ off your hands.

Funny, I just made a special trip out today to buy some. Thanks anyway Keen. That’s generous of you.

I’ll take some off your hands.

Maybe just bump this thread up once you’re done with your project and ready to ship some out.

I’ll pay for shipping for whatever you can spare, and can distribute to the San Diego guys (like Tenover) if you’d like, might be easier for you than separate shipping…


That is very generous of you, definitely keeping with the spirit of Swaylocks. Good swell to you my friend.


That is a good idea and also quite generous. Seems to be characteristic of your kindness and stoke. I will gladly help you pay for shipping before or reimburse you later, just let me know.

Regards, Tony.

That would be great. I would be much easier to ship a bunch to one place

Howzit Keen, Your roving looks like it's what they use for fiber glass chopper guns. It's exactly the same glass that they weave into actual roving. Nice of you to offer it to the sways group. Aloha,Kokua

I think you are right.

This particular E glass by owens corning was made to have very low electrical conductivity by having a super low concentration of voids in the glass. Resulting in a glass with: Young’s Modulus = 10.6 Mpsi

                              Tensile Strength = 310-350 kpsi
Howzit Keen, What made me think it was for a chopper gun is the way it's bundled so that it will unwind to feed into the gun. Another glasser I know had the same in his shop, it works really good for glass on fins.Aloha,Kokua

I’d love to have some, what ever fit’s comfortably in a small container…? 15-30’?

Thanks a bunch!


What a generous offer! If you have any left, I would love to send you some shipping and handling money for some rovings! 10-15 feet would be plenty.

What are you using the other 20lbs for? I see from your website that you are at Alfred, so I can only imagine what you are up to. Very cool.


I’m ready to ship out. Problem is I only have one address to ship to. If you are still interested PM me with your address

PS I still have a lot left so don’t feel bad about requesting a bunch of it. I made about 10 40ft rolls and the spool is just as thick as ever.

Hey there… thanks for the great offer!! Im keen to get some if there is any left.

Let me know and I will PM my details (Im in australia) Im happy to swing a bit of cash your way too n top of shipping if required.



chopper gun stock… Id almost guarentee it…

looks identical…


yeah its chopper gun stock

I am going to send out this week. You can send money back to the return address (sorry no paypal) or you can repay me with a favor down the line

Id really appreciate it if you could send me 40 ft or so. Eastcoaster here myself…

check your messages.

Glad you survived the April snowstorm. Yes, I want some rovings please! PM is on the way!


Sorry that took so long.

Anyone who asked for roving and sent an address should be getting some. If you don’t get any in a week or so let me know as something may have gotten mixed up. Hopefully everyone is happy with the amount I sent out. I think everyone got a little more than they asked for.


Can’t wait for my free rovings! Thanks again. As soon as they arrive, I’ll ship you some cash to cover shipping and such!