Free your mind

**Funny how the things you need will somehow seek you out. And after a really crappy Monday, hit on this offa Balsa' post on Del Mar,**

**Just mind surfin' "mind" you, oh and you can rip it up.**


“…and your ass will follow” - George Clinton

**Ya know it's kinda strange, mean in the day if your ass was grass you swam rips and all!**

**No cords.**

**No water safety.**

**At least some knew the limitations.**

**My last big wave pushed my ****ass**** thru the stringer.**

**My board was still there (leash) and suprise, a waverunner and a guy asking if I was O.K.**

**I wasn't but said "I'm fine, thanks" ( if my old lady saw my board gettin flipped around).**

**The water safety crews are saving lives, absolutly in the crazy big waves these guys are riding.**

**And not to say that they (water safety) are unecessary in the regular stuff but you should know how to swim WELL.**

**Nothing so humbling as a Paumalū "lap" or 2**