Fried Egg Dimensions

Im in the process of designing board number 4 which will be an egg in time for the spring and summer months…Can anyone offer any suggestions, tips and advice re dimensions? Im 5’11 and 210lbs or so. My thoughts are as follows:

8’0 x 21 x 17 x 15.25 - wide point about 4-6in up from centre. prob end up 2.75 or so thick. do these dimensions sound good? bottom probably mainly flat with some vee in bottom half.



Would you consider this an egg?

The dimensions are: 8’ x 23 1/2" x 2 5/8"

Wide point is similar to your design, it being 4 inches beyond center.

Its an old Gordon Woods. I know little about the board. My good friend gave me the board after i had to sell all mine in order to pay for some court fines. Not a happy man. But then he gives me this beauty that has been sitting under house for a year. Luckily he’s not a surfer. I’m told G. Woods stopped shaping boards around 1968…?

Rocker is fairly flat.

It goes great! when long reef in Sydney is nice and fat and medium size, it hums.

Its pretty wide at almost 24", certainly doesn’t like it big or sucky. But then maybe it needs a better rider.


wow - that is a nice board!

as ever

keen to learn…

Hey AJ, wasn’t board #3 going to be a 7’2" egg? If so where are the pictures?

Grant Miller down in Sydney has just finished my 7’2" and TNT will be getting it today to send to me just in time for the swell here to drop. It has a Martin Worthington (of Terry Fitz’s 70’s airbrushed boards) paint swirl so it should be interesting asthetically.

And Boris what’s with the duct tape all over the dings? Tsk, tsk.

That would be a great board for Noosa.

Hey Cuttle, where about’s on the Sunny coast are you? are you getting slammed right now or what ?

I live near Maroochydore/Alexandra headland. I’ve been expecting the roof to lift off the old farmhouse I live in for 3 days and nights now. There were good waves Mon/Tues at Coolum with pumping beachbreaks (3-5 foot) with sun and offshores and then Tues evening the weather rolled in. Checked Noosa on Tues arvo and it was 2 foot at Nationals and 3 foot at Ti tree and crowded (goes without saying).

I’ve had a cold since getting wet and frozen at my market stall on Sunday and surfed Mon/Tues regardless but Noosa’s been looking less than inviting on the Coastal watch’s cam and so I haven’t bothered. Seems to be breaking wide and sectioning at Nationals but First point looks ok. Not enough size to lure me up there to deal with the inevitable crowd and hassle of trying to find a carpark. Every tradie on the Sunshine coast who surfs will be there anyway.

Still blowing its ring off and pouring rain. Least my water tank has gone from having 6"s of water left to overflowing. Stoked.

What about down your way?

Umm, I don’t look at that as an egg. It’s a medium-longboard.

I think of an egg in terms of the following general dimensions: 6’ long x 22" wide x 3" thick. Wide round nose and tail. Maybe a little than 3" nowadays. But an egg should have a “roundness” to it, and not be as long and slender (relatively) as your pictured board.

My idea of an egg has a length/width ratio of 3.27 while the same width at 8’ long has a ratio of 4.36, or fully 1/3 larger ratio. Apologies for jumping to numbers while discussing something that’s clearly a “feel” issue, but they do make a point, maybe.

Hey Cuttle, wind swung west here late Mon as the low formed off the coast and about 5 am tues we got slammed by gusts in the 70-80 km /hr range (cape byron had winds over 100km/hr all day). Wind since has been constant 25-35 knots straight out of the E/SE so no surfable options here. Hoping for a big clean day at the Ox when the low moves out into the tasman…maybe Sun/Mon. Sorry for the thread hijak. Rainfall totals for Sunny coast look insane (over 500mm in some spots)

Good point Charlie.

Certianly the dimensions you give are more eggish.

Hi Cuttlefish- look for my post under board number 3 - 7’3 thruster. It went ok in the end though had a bit of drama installing the probox boxes as im an not used to a router. Surfs well though and turns easily. “egg” or mid length longboard or whatever, will be for summer down south.

Wakeboris, that board looks cool - does it have a hull bottom?

Im going to make mine around 21 or so wide so it can handle beach breaks too. As for an egg having a ratio or whatever, i defer to the experts on that one…i’m calling mine a jumbo free range egg then :)…


Yep, has a hull bottom. and 50/50 rails. (for some reason i replied to 11fts thread this same remark… lack of sleep)

As far as weight goes im similar: 6’1" and pushing 200 lbs. but the board is adequate for my girth! gotta love long boards.

goodluck with the grain-fed, free range egg. I’ve gone to calling mine the big yellow monster, as for a while i didnt have a leg rope, and occasionally - just occasionally - it would break loose and eat people.

Hahaha - good one WB…thanks for that, you made me chuckle which considering how crap the waves are at the moment, is a good thing!

Do you think i should go 50/50 rails or tucked under more modern rails? I will be surfing both beach breaks and reef breaks. Also, i like the idea of a nice long fluid foil single fin - might add some probox sidebites for other options too.


take it easy