from Bali in 1987...nothing new under the sun [pt.2].....

…that’s where and when my mate Milton [R.I.P.] bought this (model) for me, as a souvenir…

Banana rocker , wafer thin , deep double concaves , two hole plugs for the fin , red stringerless ‘plastic board’…

… Sound familiar ??

(This was in Bali in 1987 , remember…)


Chip’s gone Digital!!! EPIC! you must be stoked.

we are too, look forward to more great shots.

yep …“I’m STOKED !!!”


     im pretty sure this board was made in a factory in jakarta that i used to work in. last time i was up there there was about 200 stacked in a corner... too heavy, too slow and really ugly

hahahehe … claaasssic , mate !

So, you’re telling me there are some surfers out there who are even smaller than “stubs” , then ??? …Wow , that’s unbelievable !!



Are you seriously telling me that you have only just gotten a Digital Camera!!

You may have almost singlehandedly kept Kodak film in Business, had you not dipped out and gone HIGH TECH!!!

Get a bigger hard drive…