From Siberia with love) Help please

Hi every body!

I want to ask u to help me? please!

I am from siberia and now moving to saint-petersburg and in saint-petersburg people find spots for surfing! Also i am a fan of DIY things, i made a lot of longboards (i mean skateboards),

Now i wish to shape my first own surfboard (also because it is hard and too much expensive to buy it here), and started to search for the info! I found everything about the technology, tools and materials to make it! I understand about the stringer about the shape and so on, i even find all the materials and tools in my city, and i’m ready to start!

The only point is that, i can’t find the templates: i mean, i found template for the shape, but can’t find for the stringer, also all the templates are without the place where to put fins, and i can’t understand where to put them, also i can’t understand which size and shape should be fins!!! I read a lot of the information, usefull and absolutely unnessasary, but i can’t find this!!!

Also as english is not my native sport, it’s hard for me to search tons of articles.

Please help me with the templates, stringer, fins and fin position, help me to make a contribution to this amazing sport in our country!!!



length?  type of surfing? 

i’m a beginner in surfing so i need longboard about 9"  and also need a shortboard about 6-6"6 or about it to try shortboard because i also surf at artificial wave (flowride)

Welcome to Swaylock’s! To make template you can download the freeware boardcad and you can design and print your own template.You can upload just a background picture of a surfboard on the outline section and you can scale and reproduce the template. For the fin position you can use for example the Mckee chart . On youtube you can find so many videos about shaping your first board. Look for shaping 101 and glassing 101 from JC.For any further questions just write us!

Welcome to swaylocks!

You can always do what I do - figure the fins and positioning after you get the board glassed and shaped.  That gives you time to research fins as you’re building the board.

I have a general idea of fin setup while shaping, but you don’t have to have all the specifics from the start.

also - can you post pictures?  The more pictures you post, the better the advice you will get. Even before you start you can post pictures of your local beach, your tools, your workroom, etc. 

man, I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I was sure this thread was gonna be about Help I’m being held in custody and need to transfer my fortune out of the country please send me your bank account info and you can keep a couple million for the trouble… Lol

…hello; hope you understand the names in English, I was near Sakhalin Island and my question is if you are in the known about the waves (or the lack off) in the Okhotsk sea? or the shore is to deep so not so good waves?



Thanks to your reply men!

I will show photos of our local spots to show the waves, they are not too big but better than nothing!

Also will show the progress of my board shaping, when i will return back from my business trip and will start the building!

I didn’t heard about surfing in Sakhalin in Russia and the waves on the Okhotsk sea, but i know that in that part of Russia there is surfing in Vladisvostok and the Japan sea, also in half-island Kamchatka is washed by 2 seas (Okhotskoe and Bering sea) and Pacifik ocean, so may be it is possible to surf in Sakhalin!

I once saw a Nat Geo " Wild Russia" special on some Nature preserve  in SouthEast Russia, an airborne Shot over the Sea of Japan, that showed lines of Swell wrapping around a right point break.  Well overhead.


Dang I gots to go travel again.  Live from a backpack.  That was living, not this freaking grind.