fu box

I’ve checked the old messages but haven’t found an answer. whats with the tabs on the fins unlimited box? Do you set the box to the tabs then grind off the extra material before I laminate. Your help would be appreciated. thanks

Rick, There are two types of Fins Unlimited boxes. Do you mean the box with the tabs on the sides only? If so, you should just grind them off before you set the box. But not before you laminate: the FU boxes are made to go in after the hotcoat. If, on the other hand, you mean the new style: with the small tabs at either end as well as a “wall” around the slot to keep the resin out, the tabs are supposed to rest on the hotcoat, keeping the box from dropping into the slot. Personally, I don’t like the new style because they line up on the end, but can be too low in the middle, if there is bend in the tail of the board. I just grind off everything flush, bolt in a fin, and set the box. Doug