Full Longbaord Boardlam Ricepaper Lam?

Anyone ever do a full longboard ricepaper lam from Boardlams?  I have a client who wants an intricate custom graphic that I have no chance of doing on my own.  I had the client work things out with my graphic designer and it looks like we’re moving forward.

Any helpful hints before I put a big crease it the big lam?


Have them print it directly on the cloth , glass as usual .

On the cloth.  Easier to do on a full board.

Wait, you can do that? I have never seen that done or even heard of doing it!

It seems like that might have some built-in problems as well, but I am sure as hell curious to see this done or the results of a “direct cloth” screen print like that. Does anybody know of any videos, pictures as example?

In my simple mind, I am imagining the rice paper lam being more manageable!


yeah they print on fiberglass cloth


The guy in this video does some large rice paper laminates. He does one full-length rice paper laminate at the end.


stoneburner, great reference!  Thanks for that. The client wants the color on the bottom, so I suspect that the rice paper lam will be just fine vs double the cost of a fiberlam.  And PE resin with no gloves is interesting.

Thanks, I guess I overlooked “boardlams” mention. I thought they were suggesting to run down to your local screen printer with a roll of 4 oz.!!! I guess this is more of a “boardlams” proprietary process, apparently on some particular grade of 3 oz. glass… Super interesting, definitely a notion that had never occurred to me. It’s funny (maybe a little unsettling) to learn something that everybody else been knowin’ all along!!!. But then I do my artwork at the kitchen table with a Pilot G-2… 

Aren’t you worried about what happens when your fiberglass is glued to rice paper instead of your blank?    

If you are an expert glasser then you would most likely not have any tears, bubbles or dry spots on a full length rice paper laminate.  If you are careful you can get away with 4oz over the lam/ art.  But 6 oz helps to insure that you will not burn thru when sanding and thereby damaging your art.

It’s a sandwich.  Rice paper lam, cloth, resin.   Resin saturates cloth, rice paper and it all becomes one and adheres.  The issue becomes making sure you have it all completely saturated.  When you do a full length, dry spots and bubbles hide.  Just takes more resin and more squeege work.  

Hi Gunkie,

I did my first Fiberlam for a Longboard Fish I made semi-recently in October 2018. When they print the art design on the cloth (or you can buy a stock design like I did), the cloth is about 3oz - so I highly recommend that you cover it with another 4oz cloth on top. I did mine with 6oz but that was to hit a target board weight. 

enjoy the build!




Looks great, (Finding) Nico!  Thanks!