Fun in the shed this arvo

Getting faster from opening the shed. To leaving 1 and a half hours. 

Lay out and cut base cloth 6oz  with a 4 oz top and 6oz toe and heal reinforcement. Mix resin laminate an lap it around, then clean up. 

Go back in an hour and a half or so to try to stick down a fold or two.

Using general purpose slow hardener resin. Gives you heaps of cure time but can take ages to turn which is good an bad.

Got back into the shed this last two afternoons, bottom and top lam done, now to set fins and hotcoat the three boards on the go and then sand sand sand sand…

Are those stripes carbon ?
Were did you find it i want some ?

Basalt, nylextra hybrid, from Sanded Australia

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

dizzying pace!  I love glassing, its even fun to watch others doing it, haha.  Thanks for posting this.


Yep I like watching the time laps stuff. 

Would love to have not had the battery go flat.

Sweet shed. What is that on the far wall away from the camera? Is that a giant white block of foam?

yes its a big block of M grade architectural moulding foam, I think its about 1.5 pound density in the american measure. yes its light, but i have been having a ball learning with it. been making up for its lack of density with a bit heavier glass etc but ive also made a groveller with standard 44 on top and 4 on bottom with spakfilla sealer on the blank and its holding up ok, a lot of deck depressions but no more than a standard industry standard PU PE board. and its SUPER light.

surfboards are so fun :slight_smile:

cheers for the vids mate


Just realised I glassed one of the plugs in the wrong way so the 4 degree cant is going in, not out.


Have to route it out and replace it later. grrrrrr

Did anyone see my walloping stuff up in the last video?

Man you are fast!!!..Excellent Vid mate…Oh by the way my Cornice is being cut later this week so i’ll post some photos when I get it.




Cool thread!
Keep it up Skatement

So no one saw the gearbox I put in backwards?

Yellow board, port side rear quad…sorry for your trouble.

I have to check mine with a fin and then I write on the tape ‘R–>’ to remember which side to rail.

How are you going to rework it? Oversize rout and HD patch or try to line up on the old one and do a careful extraction?


Got a bit of advice from robin Mair and im gunna route it out and replace in one go, but i have to sand it flat first, so i will have to filler and just do it like a repair after i sand and before i seal it…