Funny thing overheard at the beach on Kauai's south shore...

I walk up to go over the wall at Acid Drops and this is what I heard...  (A middle aged mom and two teenage sons had just recently climbed over to the little beach there...)

Dad walks up and says - "Why didn't you guys go to "secret beach?"

Son - "There were already people there..."


...the very same people who told them about the secret beach , no doubt ?!


   we have a place here , called ...." secret harbour "


 two things about that


1. no harbour

2. it's advertised on T.V. , in the newspapers , on the radio


.....think it doesn't get crowded , if  there is surf ?


Luckily , since they changed its name from 'Surf Beach ' [true] , it doesn't get waves any more . [ I wrote that bit , just so 'gazinoz' here [a pom] doesn't get invaded by frothing tourists [like himself haha]


cheers !


Hey Ben - What's up with the new "fins" name?

Been wondering...

hi Taylor !




I haven't made a surfboard for ? oh , four years ? or so ... 

  whereas , I have a [sanded] fin in my hand as I type this , and I mainly just post homemade fins on sways , apart from random surfing shots , so  "fins" it is ! 


Also,  I exhausted the "chip" theme , with chipfins61 , chipfish61 , and chippy61 ....nice to get my birth year out of the picture too ! [some here thought it meant I was 61 YEARS OLD !   ha!]



by the way ...


  .....How is your funky board going , in the hawaiian juice , mate ?




' no secrets'  ben

And whats wrong with 61 years old? said the 61 year old.

"Nobody goes there's too crowded".

Yogi Berra

No waves over chest high yet...  Good for getting the shoulders back into shape...

Never the less - the board is turning great in the small stuff.

tblank - classic.