fusion question

…hello; I make all the fins for my boards or I put 4WFS; now I have a few fusion boxes here a shape with V there and only 0 and 9 boxes.

Still 5º could be somewhat too much with a V?

Im thinking to put the 0 but may be I ll obtain around 3º or so

I hear opinions.

Reverb Use the 0 degree boxes and lean them out 3 or 4 degrees … The 9 degrees would have to be tilted so far inward that it would be tough to expose the set screws and you may sand through to the rail side of the box

Drop a PM to Huie…he can sort that out.

…in my test fit in a scrap, before asking the question here, I did not obtained those 3 or 4 degrees leaning the box, hence I guessed that I could obtain a total of 3º with the V + the lean. I massaged the box to try to tilt it more but without success.


I cut the holes a tad deeper to get the boxes to 3 degrees.

Im not a fan of bootleg shit, but a shaper recently brought in some 3 degree boxes from China, fit exactly the same. looked 98% the same.

I have done this with side boxes with extreme vee- rout hole a little deeper, and taken a couple light passes w/grinder to flush the proud edge of the boxes a bit (held in in a bench vise before gluing in). 

don’t forget the Fusion center boxes have grub screws on opposing sides vs the side boxes with same side screws for right or left. probably won’t make a difference in the way fins fit or work but would catch your eye on the board as something odd

…put them couple of hours ago. 0º, I obtained around 3º…I do not even have the installation kit.

I ll check those 3º ones; but Im a glass ons or 4wfs user.

Thanks to everyone.