Future/FCS Vector fins

I was checking out the Future Vector fin that fits FCS system the other day at Hanalei Surf Co… One of the sales persons who is a friend told me he bought a set to try out. He said they were hummers, he did a little sanding to the trailing edge to see if that helped but no dice. Do the ones that are made for the Future system also hum? Aloha, Kokua

Kokua- The Vector set I tried made by Futures for the FCS system actually whistled, and LOUDLY. Not just hummed. Of course though, it was Lani’s and I was going fast! The sets I tried made by Futures in Futures boxes did not hum or whistle. But I preferred the normal everday Futures, flat Eric Arakaw EA model better. The Vectors seemed too “grabby” for my taste. The normal flat foil seemed more dependable to me and could be pushed on harder for a longer time during a turn. Carve vs slash maybe. But of course I didn’t try the Vectors for many sessions, just a few. Some might like them.

kokua, yes, the Future Vector foils i use hum like crazy. i’ve tried them in three different boards (6’8", 7’2" and a 7’6") and they hummed in 'em all. kirk

Hi Kokua. I put futures vectors on my newest thruster. They work fine and do not hum. I don’t know if they perform better than flat sided fins because I have not compared,yet. Mike s.

I have a longboard that sounds like timpani drum when I ride it in chop. Maybe we can get together and form a band? I’m thinking one hum, two whistles, and a couple of drums.

Thanks for the responses. Aloha, Kokua

Of course they hum and whistle. Anyone see the bead on the back edge of those things. Shoulda never been let out to the public like that.Is anyone in charge over there? Oh yeah…he goes by “world renowned innovator of fin foils”!? One friend told me that they also felt as if they were dragging while paddling like he was pulling some kelp behind him on his fins. Felt good once up to speed, but not worth the struggle to paddle them into waves. The farce continues…

It should be obvious to anyone well-versed in fins that concave inner surfaces on rail fins will increase resistance while going nearly straight. If done properly, it should also improve drag-to-drive in turns. I don’t know if it is a farce, I’m generally willing to let the cream rise or sink before I put my foot someplace I’ll regret later.

It’s just that, “sink”,“cupping”,or “concave” on the inside flat side of fins, was always frowned upon. It’s a by-product of injection molding, that’s difficult to control. People didn’t like it. Now all of the sudden,it’s been made cool, and given a cool name. Smart on the molders part. If you can’t beat 'em…join 'em. They certainly don’t live up to the claims IMHO.