future , fcs,?

Just wondering what systems people like . Its excellent to be able to change the fins around .

I use futures at the moment and have used fcs before I find the longer base inside the board gives less movement of the fins when applying the pressure, fcs has movement where the fin meets the box…are there any other good systems out there?.what are most people using and why?..aloha

Try speeedfins, they work really well especially the upmarket hexalite series and carbo ceramic. havent used the carbon fibre yet.

speed fins… sounds good… …what system do speed fins use? or are they a box system?

Saw e latest FCS fins system on Kelly Slater board in Bali last week , board was send to my friend shop for ding repair . Big plug on surfboard n a smaller plug connect the fin n plug . Is a double plug system , should have take pic to share . Is really hard to explain … sorry for my english .

Think Kelly is one of e very few pro who are still using FCS , most of the pros are using future n speed fin system . I saw Malloy , Ross , Conan , Jamie , Irons n hawaiian Dahui team boards at e same shop too .

hey pandanus

i rode a mates board it had carbon speed fins

its still my favourite board

there really stiff fins and they are firm in their mounts …

id have to rate speed fins (just a bit hard to get where i am.

ive seen quite a few fcs installs that are pretty wiggly

Speeed are Aussie made . they are a pot style system that has no screws . no spanners and no rust. try speeedfins.com .

Probox Hawaii - www.proboxhawaii.com - adjustable fore/aft and cant. supposedly very easy to install (download video off site)- easy to make your own fins + they sell blanks - easy modification to use Futures - and will accept FCS as they are. Got this on my fish - Futures on my reg board

Hey Cheyne, welcome back.

I’ve switched over to ProBox. Very good stuff.


Futures is by far the dominant choice around here, the local rep is good, and very easy to install.

If you want stiff bond from fin to board, RedX is best, Lokbox is quite good, even FCS is pretty good if they are installed according to the manual (which actually happens sometimes).

I use my own system which I make myself for now…check this thread if interested…



Pand: howzat website again? I tried speeedfins.com (the way you wrote it), and it redirects to saltwaterdreams.com - they got fins on tht site, but futures, redx, fcs, etc. no speeedfins or speedfins

Pand: found it - had to add an ‘s’ - cool lookin fin system


Hey Cheyne, welcome back.

I’ve switched over to ProBox. Very good stuff.



thats cool you made that…you inventor you…great stuff looks like it would work…urethane great dimension to the turn…followed your link to the site where you have your invention…good onya mate

thanks…I left for a long time because one of my posts was pulled and i felt freedom of speech didnt exist here and I was being dictated to on wats acepted and wats not… if a thread starts and and surfers are interested lets us talk about it… people have the choice to pick their threads…i Know who it was …so

yeah its good to be back and good to sea u hear 2…surf was epic yesterday everywhere d bah the points…burleigh had a trillion guys on it so I didnt even look there…managed to find a couple of mile long rides…with a mate…been a few sharks around…someone got bit in S aust today…GONNNEEE