Future Fin install router (s) ?

I’ve recently inherited a future fin install kit less the router. All I have is a larger black and decker router, not sure it will work. Would appreciate some feedback on which router, or routers work with the install kit. Thanks!

the router that comes with it is a ryobi TR45 that you can get for less than a $100 and home depot. it’s a laminate trimmer

I don’t see how you could user a bigger router as the jig is designed to use the collar that the trimmer fits into. If you used some other than the ryobi it’d have to be the same sized base.

The official Futures install video here http://www.futuresfins.com/manufacture.php

All ‘‘trim routers’’ have a standard diameter baseplate with the “D” cut on them (at least all the ones I’ve seen).

Take the collar with you to the tool store to double-check the fit, make sure you have the correct bit, and it’s

easy from there on.

I guess this raises another question… I just have the base place, collar, shims and target thing. What bit do i use?

I think it’s a 1/2’', but my tools are at work so I can’t say for sure. Someone will help, or it might be on their website…