Future Keel Fin Pictures

Was curious if anyone has had any luck making keel fins like the ones below. Trolled a bit and found some discussions but they tapered off and had no pics, plus the fin pic thread would take about 2 years to go through right now. Anyways if you have had any luck making fins like this would love to see your pics. Seems pretty straight-forward, especially when you got some uv resin laying around and dont wanna trop $70 on fins, have a 6’5" swallow tail these would kill on. Regards Jolly Mon 

Start here Jolly-


Some of the pic’s are missing, maybe it can be repaired somehow.


Thanks great read and some helpful hints. Don’t know how I missed that one. 

Jolly, there are 29 pictures that belong with those instructions, and they are worth the viewing. I have them from before the last meltdown. Maybe with some user/moderator help we can get them stored on Sway’s and linked for posterity.