Future vs. FCS

Hey guys…

First, this is an amazing site and there are a lot of very intelligent people on here. I am not a shaper (I would like to try sometime), but really enjoy reading through different discussions and about design. 

I am in the process of ordering a new board from my local shaper and trying to decide on fins. On one board I had shaped by him I had FCS Fusion installed. I was thinking about giving Futures a try (he works with both), but he seems to steer me away from Futures and seems very partial to FCS. He doesn’t like Future fins. I know many of you guys use different systems aside from FCS and Future, but was just wondering about general thoughts on the subject. 


Also, has anyone had any luck replicating a Firewire Dominator? What about using EPS/Epoxy? I really liked the shape and how the Dominator rode, but they are pretty expensive. 


Ok, I misunderstood that.

An other fantastic point about probox: mister probox himself actively participates in the forums!

Fcs is the better of the 2,I’ve had problems with the screw tab on the futures breaking and splitting,once that happens the fin will either fall out or never fully tighten.I like probox fins,you get alot of different fin options with them and they are fcs compatible and possibly one of the easiest installs I have seen.

I perfer futures hands down. I have FCS and one reason I stopped going to one shaper was because he will not use futures. The guy made some amazing boards, but his limit of materials and fins made me go elsewhere. I have never had problems with Futures but have dealt with plenty of broken FCS. Surfncw are you currently attending UNC Wilmington?

There are a bunch of people on here who can shape super highquality firewire type tech. Other than the technology replicating a shape is all dependent on the quality of the shaper to diligently match the rocker, template etc.

Use probox, I have tried both futures and fcs and feel that probox is a better product and you can use your favorite fcs fins in the probox boxes


Your shaper may not want to use Futures perhaps because Futures doesnt have a similar template to what he has been using/recommending in FCS.

For them to be similar, and someone may have a better explanation,  they should be within 1mm in both base and depth and have a totally similar outline/rake. It can be 2mm off in one dimension, but probably not both… and that doesnt even address foil and thickness.

I have no exp. with Fusion, but am exp. across a spectrum of systems.

Like another said, demand Probox and you can use all your FCS fins and and have near total adjustability for fore and aft movement, and cant’.

The Probox fin system is rock solid in strength, fin systems dont come any more solid.


I believe the most solid system is lokbox in a comsand, if you have a bit HD/wood skin to support it I can’t think of a way to make it more solid.

Probox, Lokbox and Red-x are in my opinion the most solid and well engineered fin-systems on the market, that I’ve seen so far.


Well thats it an exp. windsurfer has spoken.

BTW my comment towards Probox as in ’ fin systems dont come any more solid.’ is meant in a general way.

A certain fin system might be 5-10% stronger than another but they are all in the same class of being the strongest and being

in that class they are all rock solid.

i.e. I drive a Honda they dont come any more reliable.

Except for Toyota, Mercedes Benz, etc. being near equal or slightly better.

all these glowing comments about Probox, how can I get a set to try?

Here is a good place…



Or here…



or you can find Probox here PROBOX FIN SYSTEM .

good luck-