Futures and tints?

I usually put FCS plugs into boards when people are after a fin system but have a customer who wants futures. The board is going to have a resin tint bottom. Should I put the boxes in before glassing and just tint over them or whack them in after glassing.

I know futures generally go in before glassing but a few pics I have seen on tinted boards and the boxes don’t look coloured from the resin.

Thoughts and experiences please.

Hey P-co,

      Can be done either way. Its much easier to concentrate on the color/ lamination and not worry about filling holes around a box. Since you don’t glass around installed futures often, I would suggest to do the color first. Clean route and fill around boxes, then glass over.      

    The downside is you’ll be able to tell (lose some of the tint depth effect), and you may see some sand throughs from the exterior glass over the boxes. 

Hey P-co
I did a translucent tint with black boxes - pre install before the lam - kind of looked nice as it created a halo with the tint…you can see it here in the archives… http://www2.swaylocks.com/forums/tints-and-pre-install-fins

Use Natural boxes…


Install Boxes, paint the tops boxes with your chosen color, let dry. Almost like a primer.

Laminate WITHOUT the patches, this will usually give you a good even color,

put the patches on with clear resin afterwards

feather the edges before the hotcoat.



Excellent work swaylockers.

Great pics on the other thread Rich, just what I wanted to see.

Will use this info and go for the prelam install. I can see merit in the post lam but hate the hassle of getting the box at right height etc when doing repairs and prefer the continuous colour of tint with prelam. Might cut back a bit on the catalyst so can get fussier around the boxes.

Will that primer technique work well on white boxes Acqua? I assume it will.

Thanks, Ross.

yeah, Natural is the white. I dont use the ILT boxes with tints. Just throwing that out here

hiya Ross


[unfortunately it's a CROPPED version , so not TOO sharp]


this was simon's yellow tinted board that I rode last week .As you can see, as on ALL his boards now , he uses 'Futures' systems.




cheers !