Futures Fin box. How much of the glass patch gets sanded away?

Got sent some boards with Futures fin boxes (not the Surfinz I ordered) and it looks to me a lot of the glass patch covering the flange has been sanded away especially at the front and back. Just getting some pictures up. Not sure why these pictures are not embedded in the post.

Still failing to get pictures in the post.

The glass is not well saturated so I can clearly see where it has been sanded off leaving presumably hot coat resin (with bubbles) over plastic.

Does this look right to you?

Still trying with pictures.


And again

They look to be set a bit high - or if its only front and back - not level. -

Maybe its just the pictures but the top flanges look to be floating in resin or resin/cabosil. 

If its a super bro deal then take what you get - If you paid full price and ordered a different fin system, id return it at that, or atleast have them turn it into a super bro deal.

On a clear board those boxes were probably set in the foam, meaning no extra patch -  just what looks like 4oz glass.




Often when glassing those boxes you get tenting particularly on the ends. Looks like that happened and someone cut out the tent area and poured in resin. In any case there is no glass on the ends. But I would not guess as to whether this will cause a failure. It is however less than best. If I knew there was at least 3 layers of 4 oz over the rest of the box I might not be too worried. Put a fluorescent light over and unwed and see if you can see evidence of footballs 

Thanks I will have a look with lights tomorrow. I just got confirmation that the order did go in requesting Surfinz on all 3 boards. 2 were sent with  Futures and only one Surfinz.