Futures fin box install

I’m shaping my first board and putting 5 futures fins on it. I can’t spend the $200+ on the futures jig and a repair shop quoted me $200 to cut them in for me. Seems crazy. Does anyone know someone in the San Diego to San Clemente area that would be willing to cut in 5 boxes for considerably less than that?  

I think most glass shops will do fins, glass, and sand your whole board (poly) for around $200.  I drove 45 minutes every time I needed futures installed for the last 4 years, I’d kill a whole morning between driving and and talking shop with the other factories that had the install kit.  It was beneficial to establish good relationships with other manufactures and to purchase other materials, but The time and gas were crushing me.  They never charged for routing but I’d pay them top dollar $9.00 per box, and tip the guy who did it a $20.  So this year I went ahead and spent the $276.00, after shipping, for the install kit and I ordered the plugs for $4.00 each from Fiberglass Hawaii.  It seems to be working out and saving me a ton of time and money.  

If you’re doing a bunch of boards, the kit is a must have.  I’d put this post on the General Discussion and I guarantee a member will do it for a 12 pack, 

Good Luck

Go over to General Discussion and pose this question.  You’ll most likely find a taker there.  I can’t imagine Bashams charging that kind of money and they are in SC.

Great, thanks for the input. I’m a swaylocks novice as well, so must not have posted in the best spot!  I’ll repost in General Discussion.  Yeah, i would definitely buy the kit if I was popping boards out, or even just a few.  As this is my first, I figured I’d spare the expense.  I have the fin boxes and just need someone to zip the holes in. Thank again and I’ll see what I get in the other forum.