Futures Fin Box missing rung/post


I’m not a shaper but trying to get better at fixing my boards. I bought a used firewire HellFire which had a ding, and while repairing it I noticed that one of the outer fin boxes was missing the rung/post that the fin grabs onto. I don’t want to replace the entire fin box if I can help it. I’m wondering if there’s some kind of hack I can do to make it work. I’d also rather not glass it in. It seems like the fin boxes are made from some kind of plastic. I was thinking I would find a piece of plastc that was sized about right, and use the find to guide it into the spot where the old post/rung used to be. I would apply glue beforehand and this would hopefully fix it. Thoughts? If I do this, do you recommend a ridiculously strong plastic glue?

i had that happen before - i just put the fin in and tightened the grub screw - the pressure from the screw pushing the fin up against the back of the box will keep it in well enough unless you have a serious blow from the right direction.

Awesome I’ll still attempt to fix. But good to know

Those shelf holders, the plastic ones are just about the perfect size


I had this same problem a few years ago, check out this thread to see how I fixed it

Thanks rand, that’s basically what I ended up doing, minus the oil so my Finn may be permanently in there