Futures Fins Mailing List ~ Sux!

anyone know how to get off their mailing list.

Their email gives no way, went to their site…no method for this.

All I’m getting from them is ‘Teen Beat’ news about their team riders, where their

surfing,etc…this is bubblegummer stuff!

What you just described is a federal violation of the Can-Spam Act of 2003.

I’d suggest a phone call to point out the fact that they are ripe for a fat government fine for being email boneheads.

This thread is supposed to serve as an embarrasment or ragging.

Nice to know about the law though.

Dont want to call these people, can you imagine the runaround on that

and the inherent apathy on the other line,…I’d have to be on margaritas, chips and salsa

for that one!